Extending Your Influence to the Uttermost

Parts of the World

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Godís people the world over and the masses who do not know the truth of the hour need to hear the message of a true prophet who speaks the truth to them without fear or favor. Is it your desire to save men, maidens and little children in all formally organized churches of the world from the next literal manifestation of Ezekiel 9? If so, please support this ministry of pure prophetic truth to the entire world. We help missionaries the world over who are giving this message every day to their people.


Those who support Omega Countdown Ministries with tithes and offerings are extending their influence by circulating wider and wider the pure, full gospel truth, reaching to the uttermost parts of the world. Our message has gone into nearly every country of the world. The Gift of Prophecy has given this ministry insights into more full, vital truths than any other ministry on the face of the earth. Donít take this fact for granted! The Lord has assured me that He will abundantly bless those who consistently support this ministry with His full truth for this world.


Make all Tithes and Offerings payable to:


Ron Beaulieu

Box 5366

Lacombe, Alberta

Canada T4L 1X1


We thank you, and God thanks you for your support of this world-wide ministry. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call:



Phone 403-843-4161