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*The Godhead From the Sanctuary Service
*Why ALL Dumb-Dog Watchman (Isaiah 56:10-12) Cannot Understand
*Another Name God Will Call His Servants
*A Helpful Teaching Aid
*If Elijah Were Here Today? Part 1
*When is it OK to quit church? Here are five reasons to leave
*Churches may have to pay taxes, and members of Congress may pay politically
*Longest blood moon of century taking over skies | North America gets glimpse of Red Planet while eclipse visible elsewhere
*Israel Declares Itself 'Jewish State,' Jerusalem as Eternal Capital
*Vatican-approved journal strikes out at U.S. evangelicals and spread of 'prosperity gospel' [The Vatican is hitting on the king proponent of the 'prosperity gospel,'Kenneth Copeland! Much more of that from the Pope, and Copeland might be calling to restore the Protestant Reformation! Copeland was one of the forerunners in getting Luther's Protestant Reformation discarded on October 31, 2017!]
*A Week of Earthquakes, Eclipses, and Other Divine Signs
*Longest Blood Moon of the Century: Christians Speculate on Its Prophetic Significance
*The EU Backs Off its War on Cash. Here’s Why
*America's Richest Billionaires Are Overwhelmingly Leftists, Democrats And Open Borders Globalists [The Globalists consider the poor masses as goyim cattle which they herd. They don't care about borders. They want to be able to herd their cattle wherever they want!]
*Company Caught Hauling Away Boxes of Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions Up to Birth
*Old Israel documents show plan to expel Palestinians near Jerusalem
*Parasite found in wraps and salads sold at Trader Joe’s and Walgreens
*McDonald’s coffee calamity: Pregnant woman served cleaning solution in her latte [A good reason not to patronize fast food restaurants! There are a lot of serious errors that happen at these establishments that are hushed up and never reach the public!]
*What is 'New Age' Religion, and Why Can't Christians Get on Board?
*August 4 protests FALSE FLAG warning – a “perfect storm” for staged deaths to demonize conservative Americans
*Megachurch Pastor Matt Chandler Says Believers ‘Don’t Go to Heaven in the End’ [This type of thinking paves the way for Satan and his lie about the earthly Millennial reign of Christ, when it is Satan who wants to reign. All Evangelicals believe this lie.]
*China moves to take part in Syrian civil war [This is all part of the prelude that one day will result in Armageddon.]
*Iran To Practice Blockading Strait Of Hormuz As Saudis Say Mandeb Strait Is No Longer Safe
*Survey: Many who shun church are believers [Many dislike the sermons which are not feeding them. Their time would be far better spent at home searching the Word for themselves!"]
*US Military Aid to Israel Set to Exceed a Record $3.8 Billion
*Our Cellphone Addiction Is Turning Wireless Tech Into an Invisible Weapon That’s Destroying Wildlife
*Netanyahu threatens Iran with ‘all Israel’s arms’ if Tehran blocks key waterway off Yemen
*China, Syria: Officials Say the Chinese Military Is Willing to Help the Syrian Army Retake Idlib [This is a prelude to Armageddon. What will China do when Iran is attacked by the West?
*Russia and the United States have a common enemy: the DEEP STATE – watch at
*"Another Page In the Book of Acts is Being Written": the Enemy Wants to Empty the Middle East of Christians, But They're Standing Strong
*Did the Jews reject Jesus? [This question is answered by the above article on what is transpiring in the Middle East TODAY!]
*Erdogan rages against US sanctions claiming Turkey has right to kill Christians
*Pro-Islamic State media outlet calls for BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS in the West, posters depict San Francisco
*What now for 'messianics' in officially Jewish state? | "Some Jewish followers of Jesus-Yeshua have even been deported. Israeli couples who are messianic believers cannot marry in a traditional Jewish ceremony, despite Israel’s laws proclaiming religious freedom for all."
*'We have to regulate every aspect of people's lives'
*Military investigator: Lesbian rights trump Christian chaplain's
*PREPARE THE PALE HORSE: Realistic Doomsday Simulation Illustrates Pandemic ‘Could Wipe Out 900 Million People’ [Read about Wild Mountain Oregano Oil as a defense against viruses, bacteria, mold, anti-fungal. A source with 80% Carvacrol should be purchased. Does not build up resistance to viruses and bacteria. The IS NOT the culinary variety.]
*Pope's continued catechesis on the Ten Commandments
*LAWMAKER PROPOSES IMPLANTING MICROCHIPS IN PEOPLE TO TRACK NON-VIOLENT OFFENDERS LIKE "PETS" [This will ultimately be the means of controlling all who will not take the Mark of the Beast, enforced Sunday sacredness. One will not be able to buy or sell without this implant, and the acceptance of the Mark, Sunday rest day as opposed to God's fourth commandment as it appears in any King James Bible. The Catholics have changed the reading of the Ten Commandments by omitting the fourth.]
*China fires SIX WARNINGS to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China...LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’
*Satanic forces are hard at work in America's Educational System
*Marx, mass murder and moronic Millenials
*The horrors of Marxism not so clear to America’s young [They aren't being taught about the hundreds of millions who have died as a result of Marxism. The same powers that control Marxism, control and are trying to ruin Capitalism in order to enslave the purposely dumb-downed masses, now beginning with grade school students. I have said ever since the Berlin Wall fell that communism is not dead.]
*Homeless people wearing barcodes to accept cashless payments
*Biden Foundation Targets Parents Who Don’t Support Child’s Gender Transition
*Losing Faith: Why South Carolina is abandoning its churches
*As Protestant churches in South Carolina dwindle, Catholic churches flourish. Here’s why
*Iran, N. Korea Grow Stockpile of Ballistic Missiles Capable of Striking U.S. Troops, Allies, Israel
*The Seventy Sevens And The Messiah ('The Seventy Sevens' #2189) [Cahn teaches in other videos that Christ will reign on this earth for the millennium. That is not true. We spend the millennium in heaven.]
*Ultra-Wealthy Elitists Are Having Their Brains Frozen So That They Can “Come Back To Life” 100s Of Years In The Future
*CENSORSHIP IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN POWERFUL PEOPLE GET SCARED [Make no mistake about it, this applies to certain churches as well. It goes back to Christ, when the Pharisees feared that Jesus would take patrons and money away from them! So they killed Him!]
*SWEDEN IS BURNING: MIGRANT GANGS UNLEASH COORDINATED FIRE-BOMB RAMPAGE ACROSS MULTIPLE CITIES [This is a partial fulfillment to a recent vision God gave me. It will continue. Many of the fires in America and Canada are examples as well.]
*FREE SPEECH UNDER FIRE: GLOBALISTS BET ON CHINESE DOMINATING THE INTERNET’S FUTURE [As prophesied, the final message to the world will be given under forbidding circumstances.]
*VIDEO: ISRAEL & IRAN? | History? Prophetic? Current Connections?
*Pennsylvania report details decades of sexual abuse by priests
*Lead Pastor and Board of Elders Resign from Willow Creek Community Church
*Tom Brady Says His Wife Is a 'Good Witch' and Her Rituals Help Him Win, but There's More Going on Here [With this demonic admission, I pray that God will overturn! overturn! overturn and show the public who is more powerful!]
*'Mystical Rabbi’ Johnathan Cahn Uses Kabbalah Hand Sign
*McCabe Admits He And Rosenstein Plotted To Remove President Trump
*Top Scientist Resigns: 'Global Warming is a $Trillions Scam — It has Corrupted Many Scientists' [It is the Pope who wants Global Warming as a leverage for enforced Sunday worship!

*Palestinians say Israel 'playing with fire' by closing Temple Mount gate
*Christian adoption agency sues New York after state tries to shut it down
*Israel Ready for Take-Off to the Moon: Spacecraft Named for "Genesis" Will Carry a Bible

*My Vision on The Heinous Spiritual Crime of Instructing God’s People to Join themselves to a New Apostate Organization

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*Public Health Study Links Unhealthy Diet to Mental Illness

*My Vision on the Typology of Ezekiel 9

*FOR SABBATH JUNE 15 (2019)My Vision on Rather Die Than sin
Christ Our Model



Christ Our Righteousness Part 5.htm" *IMPORTANT NEW BOOK--A MUST READ Power to the Papal by Ilise Sorele

*My Vision on the Correct Response to All The CONDITIONAL E. G. White Statements the False Watchmen Use Against the True Reformers
*My Vision on Corporate Responsibiltiy and Corporate Identity

*My Vision on the Correct Response to All The CONDITIONAL E. G. White Statements the False Watchmen Use Against the True Reformers

*Toward a Biblical View of Collective [CORPORATE] Responsibility for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Twenty-first Century Miroslav Danihel Andrews University | From the Bible alone.
*Adventist Pastor Dwight Nelson says Allah is God as does SDA Evangelist John Carter
*John Carter Seventh-day Adventists and Islam (2of2) [Every MEMBER is corporately responsible.]
*The True Nature of Islam - Insights from a Former Muslim
*My Vision on The Corporate Responsibility That Comes With Corporate Identity
*My Vision on Jesus, LeRoy Froom, Walter Veith, Billy Graham And the Beatles |and The Numbers Racket

*THIS IS WHAT WALTER VEITH WANTS YOU TO GLUE YOURSELF TO A PEW FOR. This is what Walter Verith refers to as the Bride of Christ that is no better than anyone else! Southwestern Adventist University’s 1950s Swing Dance Party During Week of Revival | Ellen White said that Revivals will go from BAD TO WORSE: "The reformations that were shown me were not reformations from error to truth; no, no; but from bad to worse." {1EGWLM 163.1}

*My Vision on Walter Veith’s View of the Church’s Mission: Faithful Watchman or Dumb Dog That Will NEVER AGAIN Bark? 5T 211 and Isa. 56:10-12

*VERY CRUCIAL SECTION ADDED AT THE BOTTOM on Sunday, 1/27/19:Henriques' 144,000 Problems?

*Important and Encouraging Messages From Ellen G. White by Steve Pond
God's Immeasurable Grace Power by Ellen White

*FOR SABBATH JANUARY 19, 2019 My Vision on The Secrets for Overcoming All Known Sin

*Pope&SDA Leaders Say: Jesus Will Reign on Earth at Second Coming

*Questions for All Feast Keepers
*Should Membership be Cancelled When Leavingthe Apostate New Movement SDA Church? (Written in 2008)
*Seventh day Adventist Church Facing a Legaland Financial Collapse | Could You be Held Responsible for its Debts?

FORSABBATH JAN 12, 2019My Vision onMovement of Destiny Quotesand howthe New Movement “church” is Steadily Retreating Toward Egypt

*Thisversion on the Godhead by Andrew Henriques is correct, but he and his patronsare corporately responsible for the new movement's Trinity Doctrine, becausethey are still MEMBERS of the apostate church

*FOR SABBATH JANUARY 5, 2019MyVision on SDA’s Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 6 The Anatomy of CorporateResponsibility and The Laodicean Church&The Three Most Important TruthsFor God’s People at the End-time

*Corporate Responsibility for Open Sins (Apostasy) in the Church as Taught by the Bible Alone

*Walter Veith’s Evil Attempt to MisrepresentTrue Reformers and to Deceive the People of God
text-underline:none'>FOR SABBATH DEC. 22, 2018
MyVision on SDA's Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 4

*FOR SABBATH DEC. 29, 2018MyVision on SDA's Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 5


*Centenarians Give Adviceon How to Live to 100 Years

*MyVision on The State of the Church and the World

*FOR SABBATH DEC. 15, 2018:MyVision on SDA's Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 3

*Church and State Relationships

*What Did Ellen White Say About the Feast Days? |"Christ discharged hisdisciples from the cares and burdens of the ancient Jewish obligations in ritesand ceremonies. These no longer possessed any virtue; for type was meetingantitype in himself, the authority and foundation of all Jewish ordinances thatpointed to him as the great and only efficacious offering for the sins of theworld. ...To continue these rites would be an insult to Jehovah."— (Ellen G. White,Review and Herald, June 14, 1898). [I have the six largebooks containing all Ellen White'sReview and Herald Articles, so I knowthis is what it says, even though some avid Feast Keepers tell me Ellen Whitedoesn't say this.[Then they will try to tell you they have NEW LIGHT, BUTELLEN WHITE SAYS THAT NEW LIGHT NEVER CONTRADICTS THE OLD. This same principleapplies to what Ellen White said about Christmas.]

The peace and safetymessage of Reinder Bruinsma, a retired SDA leader in the Netherlands, POOPOOING THE SUNDAY LAW! This is the type of peace and safety lies Ellen Whitesays that"my people love"in her COUNTERPART statement that I oftenquote.

*My Vision onWho Are ThoseWhom “God Will Bring With” Jesus? A Study of 1 Thessalonians 4:14

*My Vision on The Yellow Vests areComing!

*What LeRoy Froom Did to Form a New Movement"Among"SDA's
*SDA Conference Says Sunday Keeping SDAChurches “No Big Deal!”

*FOR SABBATH DEC. 1, 2018:My Visionon SDA’s Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 1

*FOR SABBATH DEC. 8, 2018:My Visionon SDA's Consulting the Witch of Endor Part 2

*An Open Letter to Walter Veith

*FOR SABBATH NOV. 17, 2018 MyVision on Walter Veith&Francois du Plessis on Overcoming Sin Part 2

*FOR SABBATH NOV. 17, 2018 My SecondVision on Ezekiel 9

*My Vision: Will the NationalSunday Law Come in the Spring of 2019?

*As It Was in the Days of Noah

*[FOR SABBATH NOV. 24, 2018] My Vision onRevelation 14:1-5

*URGENT--VERY IMPORTANTMyVision on The Sunday Law Coming Down the Tube [The part that is not correct iswherein Andrew quotes Revelation 14:1-4, where the bride IS NOT DEFILED WITHWOMEN, but he does not elaborate on these words to explain how the bride wouldbe defiled by women (apostate churches). This is a crucial factor that mostwill not discern. Andrew DOES NOT teach separation from the apostate church, sohow does the bride keep from being defiled?This is the vision aspect thatthe foolish virgins will not discern.]

*FOR SABBATH NOV. 10, 2018My Vision on Walter Veith&Francois du Plessis on Overcoming Sin Part 1

*Editing now complete. FORSABBATH NOV. 17, 2018 My Vision on Walter Veith&Francois du Plessis onOvercoming Sin Part 2

*The Protestantization of New MovementAdventism Nurtured byQuestions on DoctrineBook

*The Danger of False Views About God

*My Vision on the Incarnation Sacrificeand The Son Being Begotten—Brought Forth, and Established
*My Vision on Sardis,Philadelphia, and Laodicea
*My Vision on the Man in Linen Ezekiel 9[ForSabbath, Nov. 3, 2018
*My Vision on the Man in Linen Ezekiel 9Part 2[For Sabbath, Nov. 3, 2018

*Instruction for Men in Positions ofResponsibility

*Scripture and Ellen White on Corporate Responsibility
*My Vision on the Church Militant Part4(Sabbath, Oct. 27, 2018).
*My Vision on “Spiritual”&Pulpit BulliesPart 1
*My Vision on"Spiritual"&Pulpit Bullies Part 2

*My Encounter With Two Walter VeithWorshippers

*Christ's Human Nature Was Created

*A Chronology of Adventist Apostasy

*My Vision on The Church Militant Part2
*My Vision on the Church Militant Part3

Scroll Down for a List of my Visions

*My Vision on the SDATrashing of the Protestant Reformation
*Women of the Year 2006 -Merikay Silver McLeod [Sued the General Conference for equal pay for women whowere being severely oppressed. She won.See Mal 3:5]

*An Ode by Satan About Himself

My VisionsThe LatestVision is at the top of the below list:

*Original Website:
*My Vision on The Church Militant Part1

*My Vision on: Did JesusGive the Elijah Message? Part 3
*My Vision on: Did JesusGive the Elijah Message? Part 2
*My Vision on: Did JesusGive the Elijah Message? Part 1

*My Vision on The True Remnant VersusImposters To That Claim

*My Vision on Satan’s MasterfulDeception Involving Zechariah 14:4

*"They Sold TheirSouls for Rock and Roll."Elvis Presley [Watch the additional videos onother Rock 'n roll artists by Good Fight Ministries]

*The"remnantchurch"contribution to Satan's music [This primes the youth for the moreadvanced productions (assaults) of Satan's music which are totallyanti-Christian. Then the youth leave the church and the dumb-dog leaders (Isa.56:10-12) wonder why!]

*My Dream and a Vision August 31, 2018

*My Vision on a Triple Portion of God’sGrace

*My Vision on The Misplaced PreteristTypologies of Professor Walter Veith

*My Vision on Satan’s SecondBiggest Lie to Mankind

*An Ode to Satan About Himself

*My Vision on God’s Remnant PeopleToday

*Investigative Judgment From the Bible

*If Elijah Were Here Today? Part 1

*If Elijah Were Here Today? Part 2

*The Rabbis, Donald Trump, And The Top Secret Plan To Build The Third Temple
*Do Religious Fundamentalists Have Brain Damage?: The “Just-So Stories” Masquerading as Science[One of the prime objectives of Freudian Psychology was to brand Christian Fundamentalists and all who disagree with Marxist Socialism/Communism as having brain damage. From the beginning no one but marxist types were admitted to the realm of Freud's approved list of Psychologists who were haters of Christians and Christ! Another of their objectives is to brain wash Christians against their beliefs.
*The Messiah Must Be Coming: Israel Has Officially Called to Build The Third Temple
*35 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Previous Generations Of Americans Never Would Have Believed
*Ocasio-Cortez contradicts herself on role of government in massive and unprecedented 'Green New Deal' [The 'GREEN NEW DEAL' is the original concept of the NEW WORLD ORDER to enslave Americans and return them to the pre-industrial period of history
*The Pope And Islam’s Most Important Imam Just Signed A Covenant That Pushes Us Much Closer To A One World Religion
*NEW BOOK--A MUST READ Power to the Papal by Ilise Sorele

It is possible that I will switch entirely to justmy neocities Website at this address:



*Halfa Century of Apostasy Colin and Russell Standish


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*My Vision on What Holds the Universe Together and God’s Final “Strange Act” | The Human Nature of Christ Part XI
*My Vision on What Holds the Universe Together and God’s Final “Strange Act” The Seven Pillars of Our Faith Part XII
*My Vision on What Holds the Universe Together and God’s Final “Strange Act”Part XIII Ignorance of the Sanctuary Service the Reason for Error on the Godhead


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With Cloak and Dagger by H. H. Meyers


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MoreImportant Issues

*The Bible and EllenWhite Versus Mark Finley | What Mark Finley Will Never Tell You

*My Vision on The SevenTrumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 as Counterfeited by Satan

*Bible and SOP Proof ofLiteral Time at the End

*Do theJudgments of the Trumpets and the Plagues Come From God or Satan?

*MyVision on The Seven Seals Versus the Seven Trumpets

*MyVision on Why Ellen White Would be Forced to Leave The SDA Church Today Part 2

*Joel 2 in Type andAntitype—Call to a Solemn Assembly Part I

*Joel 2 in Type andAntitype—Call to a Solemn Assembly Part II

*Joel 2 in Type andAntitype—Call to a Solemn Assembly Part III

*MyVision on the State of the Church and the World ~ An Open Letter to Ted Wilson,Doug Batchelor and Walter Veith

*The LateVisionary J. Wilfred Johnson onThe Special Resurrection Versus Andrew Henriques*What to do and When Todo it at the End-time

*MyVision on Regeneration From Sola Scriptura*Comparing Ellenand James White’s Statements on the Seven Churches

*My Vision on Answers to Questions for Andrew Henriques onThe 144,000

*The Special Resurrection

*Dr. Walter Veith on the Concurrency of the 7 Churches ofRevelation 2-3: Letters to Seven Churches[Walter Veith and Ellen Whiteagree--that all the messages applied/apply to every church of all ages, as wellas to specific era's of the church. The original literal churches existedconcurrently then, and all the messages have applied concurrently to allchurches in all ages.]

*Review of Ty Gibson’s Book--"Is the Church in Apostasy? Is it Time to Abandon Ship?"

*My Vision on Relying onVideo Watching for Truth on Salvific Issues

*Rightly Dividing the Wordof Truth on the 144,000 | The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy Versus AndrewHenriques

*My Vision on Answers toQuestions for Andrew Henriques on The 144,000

*Omega Countdown MinistriesSchool of the Prophets

*An In-depth Study of, andGuide for, Meeting Misapplications of Ellen G. White’s Testimonies to MinistersStatements

*My Preamble Vision andOther Important Works Added Periodically [THIS ITEM WILL REMAIN AT THE BOTTOMOF THE MENU. ALL NEW ITEMS WILL APPEAR IMMEDIATELY ABOVE. To magnify the page,go to the symbol beside the star at the top right of your browser page.]

*WILL PRESIDENT TRUMP REPEALNOAHIDE LAWS SLIPPED IN BY GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH THAT GIVE THE GOVERNMENTTHE POWER TO LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS [Because the article can be difficult toread at the source, I am placing it again here. Check this link to find thatthe surname BUSH is Jewish:

*My Vision on the State ofthe Church and the World As to Time, Place and Circumstance Part 1

*My Vision on the State ofthe Church and the World As to Time, Place and Circumstance Part 2

*My Vision on The MostProfound Upset EVER in the History of Christianity--The Godhead From John 14

*Does the Professing SDAChurch Teach All the Necessary Truth? [My proof reader is not always availableafter I write a document, and I post it anyway. Ultimately it is corrected.]

*Walter Veith’s Response toApostasy—"Just Sit There"

*?Walter Veith on StickingYour Posterior to a Pew With Super Glue!

*E. G. White SaysProphesies of Daniel 11&12 Repeat

*Will Ross Report ofInterview With Ellen White On Coming Persecution Prepared by Arthur L. White |Ellen G. White Publications. Office Document

*Will Ross Report ofInterview With Ellen White On Coming Persecution Prepared by Arthur L. White |Ellen G. White Publications. Office Document

*Bible and SOP Proofof Literal Time at the End

*Was Ellen Whitethe Last Prophet According to the Bible and Ellen White? God Says No! WalterVieth and Vance Ferrell Answer YES!

*WillThere be Another Prophet to the SDA Church? God says Yes. Walter Veith andVance Ferrell and Many Other SDA’s Say No!

*The Perpetuity ofthe Gifts

*The Infinite,Unfathomable Love of God and The Everlasting Covenant Part 1

*The Infinite,Unfathomable Love of God and The Everlasting Covenant Part 2

*The Infinite,Unfathomable Love of God and The Everlasting Covenant Part 3 | The ElijahMessage of J. Wilfred Johnson

*The Gutting of theGreat Controversy

*The Views ofAndrew Henriques on the Godhead

*The Infinite,Unfathomable Love of God and The Everlasting Covenant Part 4 | The ElijahMessage of J. Wilfred Johnson

*Review of Ty Gibson’sBook “Is the Church in Apostasy? Is it Time to Abandon Ship?”

*My Vision onRelying on Video Watching for Truth on Salvific Issues

*Rightly Dividingthe Word of Truth onthe 144,000 | The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy VersusAndrew Henriques

*My Vision onAnswers to Questions for Andrew Henriques on The 144,000

*Omega CountdownMinistries School of the Prophets

*AnIn-depth Study of, and Guide for, Meeting Misapplications of Ellen G. White’sTestimonies to Ministers Statements

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*WILL PRESIDENT TRUMPREPEAL NOAHIDE LAWS SLIPPED IN BY GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH THAT GIVE THEGOVERNMENT THE POWER TO LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS [Because the article can bedifficult to read at the source, I am placing it again here. Check this link tofind that the surname BUSH is Jewish:

*My Vision on theState of the Church and the World As to Time, Place and Circumstance Part 1

*My Vision onthe State of the Church and the World As to Time, Place and Circumstance Part 2

*My Vision on TheMost Profound Upset EVER in the History of Christianity--The Godhead From John14

*Does theProfessing SDA Church Teach All the Necessary Truth?[My proof reader is notalways available after I write a document, and I post it anyway.  Ultimately it is corrected.]

*My Most ProfoundVision on the Godhead and the Omega

*WalterVeith’s Response to Apostasy—"Just Sit There"

*Walter Veith onSticking Your Posterior to a Pew With Super Glue!

Daily Bible Promise

Thought of the Day

Pro 1:5 A wise man will hear, and willincrease learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:
Pro 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simplepass on, and are punished.
2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not tobe ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but againstprincipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of thisworld, against spiritual wickedness in high places.



The great 19thcentury preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, speaking about our days:“A timewill come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will haveclowns entertaining the goats.”– C.H. Spurgeon

*One ofthe oldest collections of wise quotes, proverbs and sayings

*Extending YourInfluence to the Uttermost Parts of the World

Current Book Reading:With Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger by H. H. Meyers


WHAT CHURCH?Folks are asking every day
“To what church do you belong?”
I answer, “There is only one”
I think your question is wrong.”

“You mean what denomination?”
And I answer—“none.
I'm a member of the body

You cannot join this body
You are added by the Lord.
Denominations are another thing.
You join them with a card.

The Church which is Christs body--
Demands, “Be born again!”
To join denominations--
Simply shake the preachers hand.

Let's forget denominations
And recognize one faith.
As one body, stand together,
I plead for Jesus' sake.

If we're regenerated
Washed in the blood of Christ,
There should be no division--
We're one in our Father's sight.

BY Mrs. L. T. Halsey

1 Corinthians 12: 12-27 Colossians 1:18 Acts 2:47&20:28 John 3:3

"God has a church. It is not the great cathedral, neither is it the nationalestablishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people wholove God and keep His commandments. “Where two or three are gathered togetherin my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). Where Christ iseven among the humble few, this is Christ’s church, for the presence of theHigh and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity can alone constitute a church."Ellen G. White,The Upward Look, p. 315.


SDA church leaders seem to feel that their only sin is Laodiceanlukewarmness, when their new movement has"REMOVED GOD"(1SM204-205), and replaced Him with Satanic doctrines that sweep away the entireChristian economy. That is why our prophetess Ellen G. White says that Ezekiel9 BEGINS with the church, the Lord's (former) Sanctuary,Testimonies,Vol. 5, p. 211 and Ezekiel 9. That kind of sin is UNPARDONABLE after knowingthe truth. That is why a faithful remnant goes forth OUT OFSPIRITUALJERUSALEM--THE SDA CHURCH! Isaiah 37:31, 32, as well as out ofBabylon, Revelation 18:1, 2, and Revelation 14. This is why it is INCORRECT torefer to the SDA church as Babylon. God says in Ezekiel 5, that Jerusalem isWORSE. Why? Because she knew the truth and had advanced light via the HolySpirit Gift of Prophecy. The Holy Spirit will never be poured out on such achurch that REMOVES GOD, and thus His Holy Spirit. 1SM 204, 205.

"It is through the mighty agency of the Holy Spirit that the government ofSatan is to be subdued and subjected. It is the Holy Spirit that convinces ofsin and expels it from the soul by the consent of the human agent."<br
So we have to do something, we have to consent. Now how do you consent?"Through the merits of Christ man may be able to exercise the noblestpowers of his being and expel sin from his soul."E. G. White,My LifeToday,page 43.

Do you see how that she makes that a couplet? The Spirit does it, but itdoesn't do it without the cooperation of the man. God does nothing for us, shesays, without our cooperation.


"The government under which Jesus livedwas corrupt and oppressive; on every hand were crying abuses,--extortion,intolerance, and grinding cruelty. Yet the Saviour attempted no civil reforms.He attacked no national abuses, nor condemned the national enemies. He did notinterfere with the authority or administration of those in power. He who wasour example kept aloof from earthly governments. Not because He was indifferentto the woes of men, but because the remedy did not lie in merely human andexternal measures.To be efficient, the cure must reach men individually,and must regenerate the heart."Desire of Ages,p. 509. [EllenWhite says elsewhere (See statements below) that we are to keep abreast ofcurrent events, but we are not to get directly involved in the politics of theworld.]

"There is nothing that the great deceiver fears so much as that we shallbecome acquainted with his devices."{GC 516.3}

"The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers andstatesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men andwomen of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking placeabout us. They are watching the relations that exist among the nations. Theyobserve the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and theyrecognize that something great and decisive is about to take place,—that theworld is on the verge of a stupendous crisis."{Ev 194.2}

"We are so thankful that we have a sure word of prophecy, so that none ofus need be deceived."- LHU 114.

"The Bible should be a book for study. The precious pearls of truth do notlie upon the surface, to be found by a careless, uninterested reader."-DG 78.

"Christ makes His church abeautiful temple for God. It's the court of holy life, filled with variedgifts, and endowed with the Holy Spirit."- RH December 4, 1900. [BETTERKNOW WHAT"HIS CHURCH"IS!]

"God has a church. It isnot the great cathedral, (or the super mega church), neither is it the nationalestablishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people wholove God and keep His commandments. 'Where two or three are gathered togetherin My name, there am I in the midst of them.' Where Christ is even among thehumble few, THIS IS CHRIST'S CHURCH, for the presence of the High and Holy Onewho inhabiteth eternity can alone constitute a church."Upward Look,p. 315. [IF YOU BELIEVE THE PROFESSING SDA CHURCH MILITANT IS KEEPING THECOMMANDMENTS OF GOD, YOU ARE GRAVELY MISINFORMED.]
"Men whose faith is weak and wavering are not the ones to carry forwardthe work. We need the courage of heroes and the faith of martyrs."- ChS,p. 234.

"We are to grow daily inspiritual loveliness. We shall fail often in our efforts to copy the divine pattern.We shall often have to bow down to weep at the feet of Jesus, because of ourshortcomings and mistakes; but we are not to be discouraged; we are to praymore fervently, believe more fully, and try again with more steadfastness togrow into the likeness of ourLord.Aswedistrust our own power, we shall trust the power of our Redeemer, and renderpraise to God, who is the health of our countenance, and our God.{STJanuary 2, 1907, par. 3} {Mar 227.4}

"God desires that the Sabbath will direct our minds to Him as thetrue and living God, and that through knowing Him we may have life andpeace."-Counmselsfor the Churchp. 261.

The Sabbath given to the world as the sign of God as the Creator is alsothe sign of Him as the Sanctifier."-Counsels for the Church, p.261.

"To those who keep holy the Sabbath day it is the sign ofsanctification."-Counsels for the Church,p. 261.

"True sanctification is harmony with God, oneness with Him incharacter."-Counsels for the Church,p. 261.

"He who from the heart obeys the fourth commandment will obey thewhole law."-Counsels for the Church,p. 261. [Conversely, he whodisobeys any commandment does not obey the fourth commandment, for we are toldthat to break one is to break them all!]

"Humanwisdom, aside from God, will prove itself to be foolishness, and will bringconfusion and perplexity."- DG 144. [How true when man is demonstratinghis folly in destroying the earth and himself via HUMAN WISDOM WITH THECOACHING OF SATAN'S"SCIENTISTS"!]

"Satan isan accuser of the brethren, and all who engage in this work show that they areactuated by the same spirit."- RH November 6, 1883. [Many confuse sighingand crying for the abominations in the midst of Jerusalem (the church) aswrongfully accusing the brethren. Note in the following statement that sighingand crying involves holding forth the words of life, reproving, counselling andentreating, rather than the common misconception that we are to sigh and cry inthe closet!]:

"Gothrough the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a markupon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominationsthat be done in the midst thereof."These sighing, crying ones had beenholding forth the words of life; they had reproved, counseled, and entreated.Some who had been dishonoring God repented and humbled their hearts before Him.But the glory of the Lord had departed from Israel; although many stillcontinued the forms of religion, His power and presence were lacking. {5T210.2}

The Laodicean message counsels us to buy gold tried in the fire, which isfaith and love that WORKS from a true motivation of love for Christ, becausefaith without works is dead--not genuine faith. Faith without works is what theNicolaitans teach, and God especially hates that doctrine. Those who don't buygenuine faith, love and grace (POWER) for works (Rom. 1:5) are spewed out. Godgives a test for genuine love. He says: If you love me keep my commandments.Thus, as Ellen White says, the gospel is inseparable from the law. Thus, asEllen White further states, we are not saved by works of the law, but neitherare we saved without works of the law. Why not? Because works is theself analysistest that we have bought true faith andlove--the self-sacrificing love ofChrist, thatworksto do God's will.

We are saved by faith alone, grace alone, but wemust remember that Ellen White defines grace as the Holy Spirit which gives uspower for obedience. Romans 1:5. If one teaches any of these elements withoutthem all, he/she teaches the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans or cheap grace, cheapfaith, cheap love--so cheap that neither of these reallyexistin the life. So we are indeed saved by faith alone; by grace alone, but faithand grace that produces fruit--works. No works--no fruit. No fruit equals abarren fig tree that is cursed and will not be found in the kingdom of God. TheNicolaitans taught/teach that fruits of the law are not a required sign offaith and love for God, which is the first great commandment. They teach thatthe law does not enter the equation as an integral part of the gospel, when thegospel is all about what was done to repair the breach in the law, and torestore man to the image of God.]

Nearly the entire Christian economy misrepresents grace as being PARDONONLY. Grace is POWER as well. Anyone who teaches that grace means PARDON ONLY,or justification only, is teaching the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans which Godespecially hates. When Paul said we are saved by grace alone, he meant all theattributes of grace which are PARDON AND POWER. Romans 1:5. Teaching the PARDONONLY part of grace is the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans, or a half gospel of whatChrist sacrificedHimselfto achieve for man.

Rev 2:6Butthis thou hast, that thou hatest thedeeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

Rev 2:15Sohast thou also them that hold thedoctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Why do God and His true followers hate the doctrine of the Nicolaitans?Because that doctrine effectually sweeps away a great part of the reason forthe Atonement sacrifice of Christ--namely the gift of His Holy Spirit which wasgiven as a cure for sin. When one teaches that we can be saved by pardon alone,he/she ignores the power part of grace--the power part of the gospel--the powerpart of the Incarnationsacrifice, thatprovides thecure for sin. We are not safe to save if we will not accept the Holy Spiritgift as power to overcome sin. The gift of the Holy Spirit must be accepted bydying to self so Christ can indwell the soul.

“They must have His grace, the Spirit of Christ, to help theirinfirmities, or they cannot form a Christian character. Jesus loves to have uscome to Him, just as we are sinful, helpless,dependent.”Faith and Works, p. 38.

God says the same thing in Acts 3:26 “Unto you first God, havingraisedup his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turningaway every one of you from his iniquities.

“There must be a power working from within, a new life from above, beforeman can be changed from sin to holiness. That power is Christ. His grace [theSpirit of Christ] alone can quicken the lifeless faculties of the soul, andattract it to God, to holiness.”(ST, May 28, 1902, par. 3).

OurDispositions Unchanged"If you would be a saint in heaven you must firstbe a saint on earth. The traits of character you cherish in life will not bechanged by death or by the resurrection. You will come up from the grave withthe same disposition you manifested in your home and in society. Jesus does notchange the character at His coming. The work of transformation must be donenow. Our daily lives are determining our destiny. Defects of character must berepented of and overcome through the grace of Christ, and a symmetrical charactermust be formed while in this probationary state, that we may be fitted for themansions above."--13MR 82 (1891).{LDE 295.1}

"TheGlory that the Father gave to Christ is given to us:Jesus is waiting tobreathe upon all his disciples, and give them the inspiration of hissanctifying spirit, and transfuse the vital influence from himself to hispeople . . . Christ is to live in his human agents, and work through theirfaculties, and act through their capabilities. Their will must be submitted to Hiswill,they must act with His Spirit, that it may be nomore they that live, but Christ that liveth in them. Jesus is seeking toimpress upon them the thought that in giving His Holy Spirit He is giving tothem the glory which the Father has givenHim, thatHeand His people may be one in God.Signs of the Times,October 3, 1892, par. 4.

“Christ gives them the breath of His own Spirit, the life of His ownLife.”Desire of Ages,p. 827, par. 3.

“The Holy Spirit is the breath of life in the soul. The impartation ofthe Spirit is the impartation of the life of Christ. It imbues the receiverwith the attributes of Christ.”Desire of Ages,p. 805.

“The work of the holy Spirit is immeasurably great. It is from thissource that power and efficiency come to the worker for God; and theholySpirit is the comforter, as the personal presence ofChrist to the soul.Hewho looks to Christ in simple,childlike faith, is made a partaker of the divine nature through the agency ofthe holy Spirit. When led by the Spirit of God, the Christian may know that heis made complete in him who is the head of all things. As Christ was glorifiedon the day of Pentecost, so will he again be glorified in the closing work of thegospel, when he shall prepare a people to stand the final test, in the closingconflict of the greatcontroversy.The prophetdescribes the enemys plan of battle saying:” {RH November 29, 1892, par. 3}

“They have one God and one Saviour; and one Spiritthe Spirit of Christisto bring unity into their ranks.Testimonies,Vol. 9, p. 189.

Our Security: “Christ has made every provision for us to be strong. Hehas given us His Holy Spirit, whose office is to bring to our remembrance allthe promises that Christ has made, that we may have peace and a sweet sense offorgiveness. If we will but keep our eyes fixed on the Saviour and trust in Hispower, we shall be filled with a sense of security; for the righteousness ofChrist will become our righteousness.”My Life Today,p. 45.

"If we abide in Christ, if the love of God dwells in the heart, ourfeelings, thoughts, and actions, will be in harmony with the will of God."Steps to Christ,61.



*MPsExpand ListOfRecognisedChurches InHungary to include the SDA church [I have saidthat the ecumenical movement includes non-Christian religions.Note that also included with SDA's are two Islamic groups, the HareKrishnasand five Buddhistcongregations.I hope you see the corporate responsibility implicationsof being in ASSOCIATION, COUNCIL AND/OR CONFEDERACY with such in violation ofIsaiah 8:9-12. THERE IS ONE OPTION, STATED THREE TIMES FOR SERIOUSEMPHASIS--"BROKEN IN PIECES."To all who violate this KNOWINGLY, itis UNPARDONABLE SIN. cf. Jeremiah 11:9-15.]


Added Sabbath Reading Material

*The Most Inspirational Books in theWorld Online
*Important EllenG. White Articles
*Making SabbathSpecial for Adults and Children
*Erroneous andSubversive Movements All the Weight of Evidence
*Bill Hughes - Adventism in Apostasy [Watch the different parts. Great Video,but Hughes does not tell the people that if they remain joined to such a churchthey  are  corporately responsible for the abominationshe enumerates!]
*The Love of God byEllen G. White
*Judgments Beginat His Sanctuary, Spiritual Jerusalem (SDA Church) Few in Number Saved Says God
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*The DemandsUponGod are Even Greater Upon the Sabbath
*WhatShallwe do to Inherit Eternal Life?
*Preparing forthe Judgment

VeryImportant Information


*Loving to Hate Ellen G. White!

*THE PATH TO THETHRONE OF GOD By Sarah Elizabeth Peck (The Sanctuary Service in Detail) Allowtime for download.

*Tarryingin Jerusalem and the Ezekiel 9 Sealing Parts I&II

*TheEverlasting Covenant by J. Wilfred Johnson

*Review,Plus Conditions for ReceivingTheHoly Spirit By J. Wilfred Johnson

*The Regeneration ofthe 144,000 by J. Wilfred Johnson

*TheSanctuary–The Better Sacrifice

*The Sealing andShaking

*The SDA Church -- Catholic Connection -- Be sure toscroll down the entire document. [This is most grave]

*TheRogue Empire that controls the world [When Christ refused Satan's offer in theWilderness, Satan then went to a faction of God's first"Chosen"people, and they took his (Satan's) offer to rule the world from a smallSovereign City in England until they build a third temple and rule fromJerusalem.]

*The Whore of Babylon: Solving the Mystery (full Version)

*Concentration Camps Opening Across Greece -- DescentIntoBarbarism [What happens in Greece will eventually reachour shores! The camps are already prepared and waiting!]

*The Age of Dystopian Transition

*The New Age - (The EnemyOfChristExposed) - For Witnesses [Viewer Discretion is Advised] [The SDA church shouldhave produced this serious warning, with the addition of the Sabbath issue, butnow they are the tail in lieu of the head!]

*Solving the Mysteries of Babylon the Great

*Vatican Rising (TexeMarrs) [You can't be a member of the Ecumenical Movement andtalk like this! That's why the SDA church doesn't talk like this!]

*Neo-BritishEmpire of the Crown -- 500 Year Chronology

*Hidden Prophesies in the Book of Ester

*The SDA Church -- Catholic Connection -- Be sure toscroll down the entire document. [This is most grave]

*Catholic Church and Trade Unions Form ‘Holy Alliance’ toEnforce Sunday Observance

*The Remnant of the Seed-- My Warning MessageFromthe Bible Alone

*The SDA Church -- Catholic Connection -- Be sure toscroll down the entire document. [This is most grave]

*Loving to Hate Ellen G.White!

*Responding to anSDA Pastor

*My Vision on theState of The Seventh-day Adventist Church

*The Free Mason Lie BeingTaught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church


*My Vision on EmergencyCurrency for the Poor



*Our EvangelicalEarthquake by Vance Ferrell


*APOCALYPSE NOW? Even morecalendars predict End in 2012 -- Demonic plan culminatingin Jesus'2nd Coming hiding inplain sight?


*Updated MembershipDirectory of the National Council of Churches USA lists the SDA Church as aMEMBER


*Catholic Church Wants “SupernationalAuthority” with “Universal Jurisdiction” Over Global Economic and PolicyDecisions


*Neo-BritishEmpire of the Crown -- 500 Year Chronology [The powers of the 7 headed, 10horned beast the whore of Revelation 17 rides upon--These give power to thewhore--Rome until they burn her (verse 16) It's the same old rivals as existedin the days of Christ--Jews versus Rome, only buoyed up with 2000 years ofadvancement in their goals of world dominance. This is the final power over theworld which will be broken without hand (Daniel 2), after it burns the whore towhom it gives its power for a time. During her stint of granted,"healed"power, the entire world will wonder after the beast. Thisdocument is the best overview I have seen and the Lord showed me in vision thatthis is a true description of the 7 headed, 10 horned beast of Revelation 17.]


*ThePlan -- according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.) [This is exactly what Ihave been saying!]


*Memory of the Camps -- Man's inconceivable inhumanity toMan as inspired by Satan


*Is NowTheTime To Move AwayFrom Major U.S. Cities? [Mind the Video!]


*A Review of theBook – The Omega Rebellion by SDA Pastor Rick Howard


*The Union Jack [A must read if you want to know what isreally going on]


*Lindsey Williams: MI6 Funded Muslim Brotherhood and Their"Day of Rage"Coming! 1/2


*Another Video -- SDA church says Allah is God! [It shouldbe mentioned that the speaker on the Video other than Pastor Dwight Nelson,NicholasPetula, teaches an antichrist view on theGodhead, which will land you in the same place as Nelson's teaching and all whosupport him and RobertSessler, who teaches the sameantichrist error on the Godhead, are corporately responsible for that error.]


*Another SDA Preacher, John Carter, World Speaker, saysthat Allah is the same God Christians Worship [This video is produced This organization, though teaching much fact about SDAapostasy, is in gross apostasy itself by teaching an antichrist rendition onthe Godhead which Ellen White says is a pillar doctrine]


*SDA church Pastor of Andrews University, Dwight K.Nelson, says Allah is God! [It should be mentioned that the speaker on theVideo other than Pastor Dwight Nelson, NicholasPetula,teaches an antichrist view on the Godhead, which will land you in the sameplace as Nelson's teaching and all who support him and RobertSessler, who teaches the same antichrist error on theGodhead, are corporately responsible for that error.]




*The Actual Beginning ofTheNational Sunday Law


*Incredible Apostasy: Will it Ever Stop?byElder Lawrence Nelson [Read Ezekiel 22:17-31 to find howGod removed the dross (tares) in the last literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9. Soany future literal fulfillment must be the same to be literal as E.G.W. says itwill be]


*How Shall We Observe Thanksgiving?byEllen G. White


*Emergency Survival Skills, Resources and Information


*The Neo Mother of allFanaticisms Being Postulated as New Light

*The Greatest Conspiracy by Neil Livingston


*The Neo Mother of all Fanaticisms Being Postulated as NewLight


*Ellen White onTheDay ofPentecost and The Feast of Harvests (Tabernacles)

God’sMessage to the Professing SDA Church

"Hearthe word of the LORD, You children of Israel, For the LORD brings a chargeagainst the inhabitants of the land:“There is notruth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land. By swearing and lying, killingand stealing and committing adultery,Theybreak allrestraint, With bloodshed upon bloodshed. Therefore the land will mourn;Andeveryone who dwells there will waste away With thebeasts of the field And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will betaken away."Hosea 4:1-3.

"God’s ManWithGod’s Message—God always has men to whom HeintrustsHis message. His Spirit moves upon their hearts, and constrains them to speak.Stimulated by holy zeal, and with the divine impulse strong upon them, theyenter upon the performance of their duty without coldly calculating theconsequences of speaking to the people the word which the Lord has given them.But the servant of God is soon made aware that he has risked something. Hefinds himself and his message made the subject of criticism. His manners, hislife, his property are all inspected and commented upon. His message is pickedto pieces and rejected in the most illiberal and unsanctified spirit, as men intheir finite judgment see fit. Has that message done the work God designed itshould accomplish? No; it has signally failed, because the hearts of thehearers were unsanctified. {2BC 1034.2}

"If the minister’s face is notflint, if he has not indomitable faith and courage, if his heart is not madestrong by constant communion with God, he will begin to shape his testimony toplease the unsanctified ears and hearts of those whom he is addressing. Inendeavoring to avoid the criticism to which he is exposed, he separates fromGod, and loses the sense of the divine favor, and his testimony becomes tameand lifeless. He finds that his courage and faith are gone, and his labors arepowerless. The world is full of flatterers and dissemblers who have yielded tothe desire to please; but the faithful men, who do not study self-interest, butlove their brethren too well to suffer sin upon them, are few indeed."(The Review and Herald,April 7, 1885).{2BC 1034.3}

ImportantOn-line Books/Videos/Articles (Allow a few minutes for downloading of books)


*Panorama of Truth Vol.1 by J. Wilfred Johnson

*Panorama of Truth Vol.2 by J. Wilfred Johnson

*LETTERS TO THE CHURCHESby Elder M. L.Andreasen, 1957

*1888Revisited Through the Writings of A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner

*AmericanHolocaust and The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER[Is your faith ready for this? Is your pastor warningyour church of this greatest time of trouble to ever visit planet earth?(Matthew 24:21). Are you supporting"dumb-dogs who willnever againbark"(5T 211&Isaiah 56:10-12) to warn God's people?]

*Earth's Final Hours by Kirk Davies

*ThomasTillam- The Seventh Day Sabbath Sought Out (1657)

*TheWritings of A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner

*The Destiny of aMovement by F. T. Wright [This book should be read by every SDA ASAP]

*Why Christ'sComingis Delayed by F. T. Wright

*Behold Your God by F. T.Wright [Wait for downloading]

*TheSanctuary Service by M. L.Andreasen


Weakand Erring --"As the Elder Brother of our race He (Christ) knows that themessengers whom He sees fit to send are WEAK, ERRING MEN, but to all who givethemselves wholly to His service He promises divine aid."E.G. White,Actsof the Apostles,p. 56.

"Reasonis not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count onthem. Leave them alone."–AynRand


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